Saturday, 31 October 2009

shedding skin ............

shedding the layers to get deeper,
to go beyond borders,
stepping away from shelter.
this skin no longer fits,
it feels tight and i need to grow,
i am closed up and i need to breath.
peeling away the layers
that disguise the heart and soul
keeping it hidden from the world.
our skin is our main layer of protection, wrapping up all our delicate and intricate organs, bones and tissue. It is the most dicernable part of ourselves- what is seen and touched. At times it is all we know of ourselves, not able to perceive all that it keeps guarded.
It is the boundary between the inner and outer environment. to know what lies inside can seem impossible. The senses seem suited for experiencing the external. we cannot touch,hear or see our internal landscape, not in the automatic way we do with our surroundings.
but consciously we can explore that which is within us: those physical, emotional and mental aspects that are never seen, but constantly being affected and having affect on the outside world around us.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

your shadow will always be there...............

feeling engulfed by some sort of darkness,

a shade that doesnt seem to let the light in,

always attached to this gloomy presence.

but it keeps it distance, it stand behind

so i shall not fear this shadow it need not take the colour out of life.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

monk mentality.................

I am not religious, not in an orthodox sense, but the devout have trust and they have patience, and a little more of these attributes would do me some good.

I am searching to sense that inner peace, to lessen the grip of my fickle constitution. I know this is possible because i have had moments of complete joy, amongst the aggravations sensed in the body.

But alot of the time i torment myself by dwelling on the obstacles i face, missing the many opportunities right before me. Amongst my anger and anxiety i forget to have faith in myself and all that is around.

Aggression can be very subtle, especially when directed towards ourselves. So many times we do not realise we are being unhelpful; unfair, unkind. So many times we are unaware of the calamities we are enforcing.

We have to learn to promote the peace, and love we deserve for ourselves, so that we truly know what it is and can recognise it in the world around us.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

fictitious thoughts...............

The mind makes me weary. I sit quietly and here its skittish ramblings. Where do they come from? The energy they are taking, the distractions they cause. My body and heart neglected when i start to listen too closely.

Jumping nonsense; illusions that warp reality. What a fuss they can cause when i indulge them. Time to not let them speak so loudly, so i can absorbs the present moment, learn and find my way more through the motion of doing rather than thinking.