Saturday, 3 October 2009

monk mentality.................

I am not religious, not in an orthodox sense, but the devout have trust and they have patience, and a little more of these attributes would do me some good.

I am searching to sense that inner peace, to lessen the grip of my fickle constitution. I know this is possible because i have had moments of complete joy, amongst the aggravations sensed in the body.

But alot of the time i torment myself by dwelling on the obstacles i face, missing the many opportunities right before me. Amongst my anger and anxiety i forget to have faith in myself and all that is around.

Aggression can be very subtle, especially when directed towards ourselves. So many times we do not realise we are being unhelpful; unfair, unkind. So many times we are unaware of the calamities we are enforcing.

We have to learn to promote the peace, and love we deserve for ourselves, so that we truly know what it is and can recognise it in the world around us.

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  1. I can not encourage you enough to keep up your blog. Each time you post you have something special and unique to offer.