Sunday, 23 May 2010

Transformation: living and waiting.........

i have not written for a long time because it was time to stop thinking, to stop waiting for life to move me forward and to start to move myself onwards. understanding when i need to take action, be a life activist and when to be passive in waiting and letting things be is something i am trying to get to grips with in this thing called life.
part of me knows that a lot of our human errors come from the mind trying to control the body,and dominate our experiences. but i also am beginning to except that the mind is very much part of consciousness and it is a mistake to view at something totally flawed and dysfunctional.
as an emotional person if i was to abandon all abilities to rationalise and objectify then the demands of my emotions would reek havoc on my body, relationships and everything else. rationality has no right to suppress emotions, but maybe help calm them.
the thing with the mind is when consumed in too much thinking, we procrastinate and life moves while we fester in constant mind dialogue. even without thought if we just sit and wait, we can fall asleep, and without our eyes open just not see what we need to do for ourselves.
the word transformation can seem so big and idealist, but it happens everyday. we shed our skin, our cells regenerate, we subtly evolve. maybe it still does sound too romantic as we are always moving closer to the day we die. but that is the pattern of life.
i know that if i can find a way to be more content, more trusting in life's path then maybe i could see these changes. yes there are endless cycles which at times i feel stuck in, but nothing is ever the same, something has changed, something is different.

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  1. Nice to see that you are posting again. I love the depth of expression of the last two paragraphs especially. I am bound to revisit these words several more times at least.