Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Good bye to the summer......

I am in awe of the summer months,
for nature is so alive and vibrant,
its joys penetrate my flesh and blood.
But i see the colours fading
and the darkness creeping in.
The seasons are changing,
autumn is about to begin.

As the autumn equinox draws close, i want to celebrate the passing time and seasonal cycle, but my reliance on the sun has never been more apparent than in these last few months. I have always been a summer child and never more joyful than during the summer months. I would have abundant energy and fell enthused by the uplifted atmosphere. The season felt short and i resented autumn's sudden appearance.
This year it is not resentment that i have to admit to, fear. i am scared that my body will want to hibernate during this time and that my enduring spirit will retreat. Winter is a inimical time where only the most robust thrive. Everything else in nature is absent until the heat of the sun can be felt again.
i do not have the vigor to fight against the season like so many of us do, but i cannot afford to resign completely to it's eminent presence. It still must be a time of rejuvenation, a time to reclaim life's essence.

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