Sunday, 27 September 2009

Opening the heart...........

Its takes courage to open up the heart-all is exposed.
The mind can be a camouflage. We can hide behind a forged persona, barricade our truth deep inside that not even ourselves get to see it.
We become experts at thinking, but lose the ability to feel, afraid of experiencing our emotions, not wanting to know the turmoil they can create, taking us away from our safe and predictable living habits.
The heart is fragile and must be embraced. It yearns for love to nurture the pain that it feels from its natural sense of compassion. We are responsible for its safety. We must show it the love it desires, so that it is not harmed by sorrows and sentiments.
It may not be comfortable to live without the caution of the sceptical mind, but i want to try. I want to unwrap the safety blankets of the mind as they are suffocating me with illusions and doubt. It is time to face the naked truth that is held in the heart.

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