Monday, 3 August 2009

leopard cannot change his spots ........

The saying goes that a leopard cannot change his spots
but then i think of Darwin .....

I think of evolution as the magic of nature, as a reminder that our bodies are constantly changing to accommodate our needs and adapt to our environment.

There are the huge changes that take place amongst us all, but there are also those personal adjustments that continuously occur throughout our life.

So yes i am an eternal optimist, believing that if we are patient and trusting, we can shed the traits of the past that no longer help us and we can embrace change.

We must be gentle on ourselves- allow time. The rapid progression that takes place in the modern world makes us impatient, rushed, unsatisfied. We look for quick fixes, we take drastic measures. We feel pressure to conform, to keep up, to be better; to be more sophisticated, more intelligent, more controlled- we have to fit in this world of machinery and computers.

But machines and computers are vulnerable. Overworked and misused they can breakdown, get damaged. They need care and rest, time to recharge, as do we.

We get too absorbed with the mythical modern era and all its promises. The pills and the potions that will keep us young and healthy, the gadgets that will make our lifestyles more comfortable, the concepts and theories that can explain all the unexplained.

We forget both the power and fragility of nature. It follows its own route of development. We push and prod at it too hastily and this is disturbed. Socially we are becoming aware of this in regards to the climate - the planet and it Eco systems.

let us think of this on a much more intimate scale. lets us think of it within ourselves. careless, over consuming living has a huge impact on our bodies too. we neglect the planet and we start to see adverse weather, we neglect ourselves and the body starts to react unfavourably.

Its all just a reminder that we do not have to be extreme, ruthless and forceful, as this can make things out of balance and frenzied. It is a reminder that we do not have to battle against nature, to move forward. We can actually pause, reflect, and witness the subtle workings of nature and maybe have time to experience the changes that happen without mans insidious action and intellect.

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