Saturday, 15 August 2009

to keep moving.......

We carry on our backs the burdens that time always reveals.... A memory unwanted... A wound that would not heal.We wrestle, we escape... But there's a consequence for this rootlessness: 'motions sickness' The only cure: To keep moving

But the running drained me. with no rest, I start to slow down. The body got tired, breathless, fractured by this restless state. The past was catching up, I could not escape it and collapsed frozen in fear.

But it is when we are most afraid that we get to know courage, when we feel so depleted that we sense our resilience and strength.

I now feel the pain I have been running from, i accept i was hurt. But the torment and injuries of the body which makes it sick- that comes from the relentless sprint to escape the past.

The past is part of us. We can run but we may get lost, unable to find a way forward. We seem trapped in a maze, the mind and body more scared than ever. Then we may have to turn back, face the memories to find our way again.

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  1. Hi Emily,
    I remain engaged and involved in your series of musings - pictorial as well as verbal. You have developed the ability to integrate the two art forms elegantly.
    I notice your theme of memory. If you are interested, that is the subject of my current essay on my blog, and will be expanded upon, in following essays (to be posted shortly).
    Hope all is OK, Bob