Thursday, 27 August 2009

magic, myth and mystery .......

There is science,

There is religion,

But the modern world is done with magic, myth, and mystery.

But there is magic in the body,myth in the mind and mystery in the heart and soul.

Now we are of an intellectual age, we think we have the answers,
that the mind is capable of understanding how the world and all life works.

Wrapped up in studying life and nature we are forgetting to live it.

The modern mind is too sceptical, it requires evidence not experience.
It needs the words and work of others to judge against its own.

So we get stuck just using our heads, distancing ourselves with critique and analysis.

Yet the mind stretches far beyond our head and our exercised rationality.
There is the subconscious full of the baffling and bizarre,
there are our bodily senses, our instincts and premonitions.
But we suppress these functions, they are too untamed, too random and illogical.

We fear our intuition-our knowing without knowledge,
to be guided by it is far too superstitious and deluded.
We deny its simplicity- the possibility to act without complex thought.

Allow a little mystery and a little magic,
for the mind will always be unsatisfied,
its constant doubting causing hesitation,
letting life just slip by.

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