Friday, 24 July 2009

Accepting my scars and imperfections........

Habitually an idealist, wanting perfection.

Fleeing from the past, terrified of the future but restless in the present.

Wounds are healing, but i dont want the scars.

They remind me of the damage done.

They are flaws for all to see.


I remind myself that every scar and imperfection i have is a symbol of our uniqueness. It is a symbol that nature is not interested in perfection, but diversirty and individuality.

Nature is adapting, it works to its own intelligence. It's wisdom is far greater than our contemporary intellect. It is the mystical force of our existance that ultimately has the upper hand.

We can distance ourselves from it, and look just to man to mold and make us feel complete. We can live solely by the constructed rules and concepts of political and social theories. Or we can trust our instinct, the body and soul's inherited knowledge.

When we witness nature's working deep inside of ourselves, we become less anxious of that which is on the surface. We see that we are made up of many layers, many experiences, more than we can ever comprehend.

We become accepting of every aspect of our living, trusting that what ever has happened and what will be, is right if we are intergrated; connected with the outside world and all that lies within us.

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