Wednesday, 29 July 2009

let there be tears .......

Crying is a natural phenomenon, built into our biology. Yet we deny our tears, as if they make us weak. They do not make us weak, they rejuvinate us. They are there to help us release those complex and overwhelming emotions that we cannot express and let out in any other way.

We think of tears representing agony, but real agony is felt when we suppress them. Tears do not burn our face, like the pain in our throats when we hold back the crying.

To not cry is to not feel and let go. We can be scared to feel, because it is not something we are taught. We are taught to think, and to talk, but to feel is instinctive.

Watch a baby the first thing they can do is cry. It is a bodily function for emotions, a process like digestion is for food and breathing is for air.

To not cry must make us very sick. I think of depression, it is called a mental illness, but emotion goes far beyond the mind.

We may trap emotion inside of us, our mind denying that it is not there. This must cause stress to the bodies, like a stomach being stuck full of undigested food, but we pretend it is empty and keep on eating.

One day the body fights back, and the tears, the sorrow, the pain, they come and keep on coming. The body releases it's overload. We have to be patient, but instead we fight it and there begins a spiralling internal battle, that begins to exhaust us.

We are scared, we believe it to be wrong and irrational, we feel disjointed. Why is there grief, anxiety, anger - there is no trigger. But these are not emotions of the present they are emotions of our past, those we did not allow ourselves to feel.

We have to cry the uncried tears, open ourselves up. Then we can make space for the feelings of the moment. We become synchronised with the here and now. No longer is our body and minds responding to the traumas of the past.

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