Sunday, 19 July 2009

good friends ...

i had a wonderful morning catching up with two dear friends on the phone. it made me take note of the beautiful qualities of friendship. Great friends listen and support you even in moments of hysteria and rage. They are kind and forgiving, patient and ever so loyal. In friendship there is a sense of co dependency. With close friends you are able to share the joys and sorrows each of you experience. What a lonely and harsh place the world could seem without them.
But my thoughts of friends lead me to consider the less obvious but just as vital form of friendship that is so vital for our well being- our friendship with ourselves. I admit that in most recent times i have had moments of resentment and pure disgust towards myself, especially my body.
Now this attitude has not done me any favours, it has not supported my desperate wish to feel fit and healthy. The simple truth is you have to accept yourself as fully as you accept your friends. Within you there too is this reality of co dependency. The body needs the same trust and care that you show towards others. It needs you to listen to it, not to dominate it or to be fearful or disinterested. It needs you to be forgiving when you feel let down by it. It is very much like your closest friends- it will always be there even though you may exhaust it, be inconsiderate at times or just plain neglectful. It is there, working for you in your darkest moods, so be gentle towards it when it seems so destructive and out of control.

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