Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A tribute........

one cool and calculated.
A man of observation, placement, architecture.
Pure motion
The other raw and passionate
A women of memory, feeling, dialogue.
Pure emotion
The two most influential figures of post modern dance die within a month of each other. They together represent the diversity and immense possibilities that can be achieved with dance, movement and performance.
i admire both immensely. They speak to the two sides of our nature- the rational and logical, and the instinctive and visceral.
Cunningham was a scientist with movement. His interest was with the structure, mechanics, and aesthetic of the human body- with what we could see.
Bausch was a poet with movement. She worked with the interior and complex side of the human body - with what we feel.
But both were amazing artists- spontaneous, rebellious and daring with their performances. They new that there was so much more to discover, unravel and create. both continued to work with immense dedication towards their craft till the day they died.
I find something symbolic in the fact that their deaths are so close to each other. they belonged to the same movement, they together began the pathway of post modern dance and paerformance. Now it is time for us to move forward again. They are the pioneers of their generation. Their discoveries have been made and played out. Now we owe it to them and others to start where they left off.
I think that great artists inspire us, but they do not necessarily have to influence all that we do. We have our own experiences, perceptions and sources of creativity that allow us the chances to be totally unique. We are so often scared of being different. We feel individuality could distance us from others, make us self absorbed and feed the ego. But these two legends show that to follow your own path allows an opportunity for such unrealised potential to be exposed in ourselves and others.

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